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Studio’s working hour with a producer – 20 euro
Studio’s working day (8h) with a producer – 100 euro


Please let me know in contact section to estimate the overal price.
I always make a free 60 seconds sample for the bands. There is a discount for the EP’s and LP’s.


Free 30 seconds sample.
(1-5 songs) – 40 euro per song
(6-10 songs) – 35 euro per song
(more than 10 songs) – 30 euro per song


1 song up to 2 guitar tracks – 25 euro
1 song up to 4 guitar tracks – 40 euro
I use Fractal Axe Fx 2 for the reamping, it is possible to reamp through Mesa Dual Rectifer and Peavey 5150.
E-mail me if you have several songs to be reamped in order to estimate a smaller price per song.


How to prepare the tracks before sending to me?

  • 16 or 24 bit 44.100 or 48 khz files.
  • Proper naming of the files (Guitar Rhythm Left, Right, Bass, Main Vocal, Chorus Vocal etc.)
  • Only raw files without any effects/compressors on it.
  • Midi drums with Superior Drummer/Steven Slate mapping.
  • Zip the files into one folder and send it to www.wetransfer.com and type in my email as a recipient.